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Questions and answers about CONTORA Office Solutions

What are the advantages for companies that rent an office in a CONTORA Office Center?

There are good reasons for choosing CONTORA Office Solutions. On the one hand an office solution without high investments is desired, but with all imaginable amenities, on the other hand a representative environment with highest comfort and best location is a decisive search criterion.

CONTORA Office Solutions meets these requirements to the highest degree. There are neither investments nor commissions. In addition, the office infrastructure is immediately usable and there are no long-term contractual obligations. In this way, new branches can be opened at short notice and expansion can be driven forward at low cost without any loss of time.

Foreign companies also like to book into an Office Center and benefit from the fact that the entire infrastructure including personnel is immediately available. In general, cost savings of up to 50 percent are possible compared to conventional office solutions.

How does a CONTORA Office Center differ from other Business Centers?

Clearly about the concept. A CONTORA Office Center offers customers an absolutely high-quality ambience, representative locations with optimal traffic connections as well as services ranging from secretarial services and telephone reception to personal concierge services covering the entire spectrum of exclusive services.

Even unusual customer requests, such as tickets for opera performances, sporting events, sold out concerts or last-minute reservations for the Oktoberfest, can always be fulfilled via the extremely well networked concierge service.

what is a virtual office?

Companies that do not need a permanent office rent the exclusive business addresses of CONTORA Office Solutions as well as a variety of secretarial services, all without cost-intensive contractual obligations.

The service staff of the Office Center takes calls in the respective company name and forwards them. On request, the company name can be displayed in the foyer or on the outside of the building.

Offices and conference rooms can be booked flexibly on an hourly or daily basis. A Virtual Office Complete from CONTORA Office Solutions is the ideal solution, especially for small companies, start-ups or self-employed people who usually use Home Office.

Who uses CONTORA Office Solutions?

The customers of CONTORA Office Solutions are active in a wide variety of industries and cover all sizes of companies. Expanding large corporations from home and abroad are just as much a part of this as medium-sized companies and small entrepreneurs who need a premium ambience for customers and other business appointments.

Even start-ups whose success is not yet foreseeable use the flexibility and the exclusive concept for their business success.

What does the future hold for the Office Center sector in Germany?

The first Office Centers in Germany were opened at the beginning of the 1980s. Today, Office Centers are an integral part of the real estate and service sector. There are currently about 250 Office Centers throughout Germany. While in the beginning the New Economy used Office Centers, today customers come from all industries and different company sizes.

Office centers in Germany's preferred inner-city locations in particular will continue to benefit from the demand for exclusive offices and services in premium locations.
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