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Services of the highest standard


Qualified and motivated employees are the key to success. This is not a phrase for us, it is a matter of course!

Our CONTORA Concierge Service offers you comprehensive services in the areas of office reception and residential concierge. Your wishes and your demand for quality are our top priority. The professional appearance of our staff completes the inviting entrance of your property.

Our facilities on site are equipped with modern communication technology, office space as well as training and seminar rooms, which are also ideally suited for employee training. As a matter of principle, we only work with our own personnel and do not use subcontractors or temporary employment agencies. In this way, we ensure a high level of continuity and quality over the long term.

The management and support of our employees is carried out by the service manager on site. He is always available as your contact person. In the event of staff absences in the reception area, we provide qualified replacements within a short period of time and also rely on training and professional experience during ongoing operations.

General and specific work instructions can be sent directly to the employees.

CONTORA Concierge services at a glance

  • Visitor reception and registration as well as public traffic
  • Create visitor badges
  • Mail inbox, mail outbox and distribution
  • Parcel acceptance as well as courier service and errands
  • Taxi orders
  • Telephone service: Answering and forwarding calls in German and English
  • Gift service
  • Shopping service
  • Garment cleaning
  • Shoe repair
  • Tailor's
  • Housing service
  • Ticket service for cinema, theatre, opera, train, airport etc.
  • City information
  • Plant and flower service
  • IT-Support
  • Car maintenance
  • removal assistance

Our employees in the concierge service

The choice of our employees is highly demanding, so that we can offer you a highly professional, reliable and experienced service.

Our staff is recruited on the basis of fixed criteria:

  • distinct service orientation
  • intermediate school leaving certificate or comparable school leaving certificate
  • a completed vocational training in the commercial or hotel/restaurant sector
  • very good knowledge of typewriters and PCs (Microsoft Office)
  • good to very good knowledge of English, possibly also knowledge of French
  • accommodating personality, even in critical situations
  • Stress resistance and conflict management
  • customer-oriented way of thinking and communication skills
  • Team orientation, flexibility, reliability and high resilience
  • very good manners and a well-groomed appearance
  • readiness for further training


In principle, we recruit our employees from the hotel and gastronomy industry or the commercial sector. Accordingly, our staff has sound professional experience in service as well as a pronounced service mentality, combined with the pleasure of dealing with people.

In the recruitment process, the requirements profile of the client is compared with the existing pool of applicants. At the same time, we engage a personnel consulting company that specializes in the placement of service personnel. In addition, advertisements are published in corresponding internet portals and daily newspapers.

Finally, we present the client with two to three applicants for each position to be filled.


After recruitment, the internal familiarisation phase begins in several group and individual seminars by experienced employees and managers.


We are not subject to any collective agreement and agree individual incomes with our employees, the amount of which depends on education, work experience and age. The weekly working time is 40 hours, overtime is compensated by free time. As a rule, employment contracts are concluded for an indefinite period.


An essential aspect of our service quality is the holiday and illness replacement. So that we can always meet your demands on our service, our own staff is regularly trained and trained during ongoing operations. In any case, a smooth transition without loss of quality is guaranteed.


The team leader ensures continuous management and control with regard to the quality of service and the visual appearance of the employees. At regular intervals, meetings are held with the client's personnel manager.


Personnel deployment planning is carried out using in-house software. The client receives the duty rosters one week in advance upon request.


The instruction and induction phase on site is ideally carried out by the client's personnel. If a security service is used, a handover by the reception staff always takes place. This is documented daily in writing at the client's request.


Our employees are trained in all aspects of reception services on two dates a year. To this end, we also make use of the expertise of external trainers. Individual training courses for individual employees help to eliminate weaknesses and expand potential.

To support the induction of new employees, one- to two-day training courses are held in which the new employees are familiarised with the conditions, processes and requirements on site and instructed in the basics of reception services.

We train our employees in our own training rooms. Individual discussions round off the training and further education programme.

We are happy to adapt our training programme to the individual requirements of the client. All training courses are free of charge.

Efficiency and professionalism through reliable service

The CONTORA Concierge Service allows you to fully focus on your work or your project. Time-consuming tasks such as telephone calls, package acceptance or preparations for important meetings are gladly taken over by our staff.

This enables you to achieve maximum efficiency and focus on your essential work steps.